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Reduce Litter and Keep Your Facility Clean with Commercial Recycling Bins and Trash Cans

Trash cans are a necessity in any business, from restaurants and concession stands to office buildings and schools. They keep refuse in one location, make it easier for janitorial staff to clean, organize recyclable materials, and keep your business litter free. We offer commercial recycling bins and trash cans of all shapes, sizes, and styles, so you can find one that meets your disposal needs.

For restaurant owners who need trash cans in their kitchen area, check out our kitchen wastebaskets that come with open tops. We have cylinder cans that hold large amounts of garbage and space-saving cans that fit snugly against walls. These waste bins are also helpful in dining areas at buffets and cafeterias. You can even find recycling bins that will organize your paper, aluminum, and glass recyclable materials.

If you’re looking for trash cans and commercial recycling bins that will complement your establishment’s upscale decor, then check out our decorative options. These models feature beautiful exteriors and are designed for use in hotel lobbies, banquet halls, fine dining patios, and outdoor parks. You can even build your own unit and choose the container style, liner, and top that’s best for your business.

We carry trash cans for use in healthcare facilities like hospitals, doctor’s offices, and nursing homes, as well. These units are designed to safely hold biohazard and medical waste, and many of them come with foot pedals that enable hands-free operation for ultimate sanitation.